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So, I had the idea of posting my personal rant against body-shaming. I have stretch marks. Sadly, due to my incredible impression of a glow-in-the-dark sticky star, they are difficult to see against my skin now that they’ve faded over the years.

I’ve had them since I was in the 8th grade,  when I went from a size zero to a three in a couple months. I was under 100 lbs until I was in the last quarter of 9th grade (age 14). I’m 5’ 8” and have been since 7th grade (age 11-12). I was technically underweight until I was 17 due simply to my metabolism being too fast. I had to explain to my peers every year during swim class what they were. They all thought only “fat people” got stretch marks. 

Society thinks stretch marks are ugly and a sign of obesity. Tell me, then, how a 90 lb, 5’8” girl gets them before her thirteenth birthday? These are NATURAL, and not to be shamed.  So don’t let anyone tell you you’re ugly or against the norm. The standard we are presented with is so far from a healthy average human being, it’s sickening. Hold your head high, people. Be your own standard.

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